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A letter from the road commissioner 

Dear Plymouth Resident:

The winter months are upon us and we understand that there is a need for people to clear their driveways.  It is however a traffic infraction to move snow from your driveway onto a public way.  

Most people do not know about this law and this is just a friendly reminder not to plow snow onto the public roadways or onto the sides of the road.  

This is covered in the Maine Motor Vehicle Statutes, Title 29A, Section 2396.4:  
The section reads as follows: " A person may not place and allow to remain on a public way snow or slush that has not accumulated there naturally."

This basically means that you cannot plow snow from your driveway or yard onto or across a public way. This includes pushing snow to the side of the roadway and leaving it there. We suggest that if you have your driveway plowed out to start from the roadway and plow the snow into a designated place on your property. 

We have been observing a few violations of the law with regard to plowing driveways and parking areas. Specifically, snowplows are pushing snow out of driveways and across the street. 

When ridges, even small ones, are left in the traveling lane, it can be a hazard for passing automobiles, making them difficult to control in slippery weather.

In addition, after being moved, the snow usually freezes solid. Extra piles of snow on the snowbanks, especially when hardened, get in the way of plow trucks wings. This creates a real problem for the snow removal crews that are plowing the streets. When the plow wing hits these solid lumps, the truck can be jolted into oncoming traffic, which can be a very dangerous situation. In addition, the wing and truck can be seriously damaged, impacting both the cost and the speed of snow removal.

 These extra piles on the side of the road also can sometimes obstruct the vision of drivers of oncoming vehicles.

Together we can keep our roads clear and safe for everyone.


Doug Colson, Road Commissioner

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