Town of Plymouth, Maine
                          1947 Moosehead Trail - Phone: (207) 257-4646 - Fax: (207) 257-2118 - Mailing Address:  PO Box 130, Plymouth ME  04969

Plymouth Fire Department
Fire Chief:  Reid Farrar  478-7422

Burn Permits:

Reid Farrar:  478-7422   
or you may purchase a permit online from the State of Maine 24 hours a day here

The standard State of Maine allowable burn times are after 5:00pm and before 9:00am. The exception to the default "after 5pm" restriction is when there is a steady rain or the ground is completely covered in snow. Please read your permit carefully and only burn during the times listed.
Burn Permits are valid on Class 1 or Class 2 days. The person requesting the permit must verify the class day after 9:00AM on the day they intend to burn.
This system is for brush piles, wood debris and agricultural burns only. Please contact the local fire department or the Maine Forest Service Regional Headquarters for campfire permits. Ashland Regional Office: 207-435-7963; Old Town Regional Office: 207-827-1800; Augusta Regional Office: 207-624-3700. 

The current fire danger is located here

​About the Department: 

Plymouth Fire Department and Rescue serves the town of Plymouth Maine and serves as mutual aid to the surrounding towns.
The mission of Plymouth Fire & Rescue is to be a leading emergency service organization by:

• Meeting the needs of our community in fire prevention, fire suppression and rescue.

• Utilizing and improving the dedication and skills of our most valuable resource, OUR MEMBERS.

• Constantly improving all of our services and operations.

In carrying out the mission, Plymouth Fire & Rescue will:

• Give top priority to firefighter safety and environmental concerns.

• Encourage the professional and personal development of our Members.

• Work as teams to take full advantage of our skills, knowledge and creativity.

• Communicate openly and honestly to our Members and community to inspire trust and confidence.

To join the department, please contact Chief Farrar

Chief- Reid Farrar
Deputy Chief- Arin Farrar
Assistant Chief- 
EMS Captain- Walter Gibbons
Fire Captain- Reid Farrar
1 st Lieutenant- 
2nd Lieutenant- Ryan Hopkins

Mailing Address:
PO Box 130
Plymouth, ME 04969-0130

Physical Address:
39 Lower Detroit RD
Plymouth, ME 4969
Telephone: 207-257-3010        Fax: 207-257-3700        email:

For emergencies, always call 911 or your local emergency contact phone number.