Town of Plymouth, Maine
                          1947 Moosehead Trail - Phone: (207) 257-4646 - Fax: (207) 257-2118 - Mailing Address:  PO Box 130, Plymouth ME  04969

Local Committees:

If you wish to participate on one of the committees, 
please contact one of the Selectmen.
Planning Board Members:

    Norman Viger, Chairman 
    Erik Dow
    Vinal Teague
    Robin Lundstrom
    Ronald Latham

RSU #19 District Representatives:

    William MacDonald
    Kenneth Sands

Zoning Board of Appeals:

    Leon Hopkins
    Kris Fraser
    Dave Rowe    
    Eleanor Hopkins
    Ronald Green, Jr.

Comprehensive Plan Committee:            

    Mike Seavey
    Mike Grass, Sr.
    Geri Richardson
    Norm Viger
    Mike Grass, Jr.
    Linda Seavey

​Recreation committee:

    Linda Currier
    Robert & Jessica Bowie  
    Bradley & Kristina Wheaton

Cemetery Committee:

    Douglas Woodard
    Robin Lundstrom
    Shirley Hopkins
    Linda Seavey

Preservation Committee:

    Linda Seavey
    Jennifer Kelley
    Ed Toulouse

Plymouth Pond Association:

    Robert Emrich
    Michael Seavey
    Laurine Farrar
    Valerie Flanders
    Jerry Dunivan

Veteran's Committee:

    Tonya Parker
    Kathy Condon
    Linda Seavey
Cemetery Information:

Currently, the only cemetery with available lots is the Sawyer Cemetery, located on Moosehead Trail (Route 7). 
Lots are available free to residents at this time. At the annual town meeting, townspeople will be asked to vote on a plan to start charging for lots to help with maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery. 

If you would like to reserve a lot, please contact Doug Woodard, Sexton, @ 207-249-9717. He will meet with you to show you where the lot will be located. You will be required to order corner markers for your lot from a professional monument company of your choice within 90 days of meeting with the Sexton. Failure to order the markers will result in forfeiture of the lot.